• Liat Huller Harari

Cranes at Sunrise, north of Israel

At winter time, thousands of cranes leave their countries of origin in north of Europe and Scandinavia, and make their long journey to Israel. They make their temporary home at the north of Israel, at lake hula, hula valley.

It is a magical place, especially at sunrise, when soft shades of gold and purple light up the sky and reflect apon the water.

The enchanted light at sunrise created a marvelous mixture of gold purple and orange shades, reflecting at the water, creating a picture wich looks like an abstract painting.

To get closer and see the cranes, I took a ride in a sheltered wagon connected to a tractor. It enables you to get very close to the Cranes. The Cranes are fed by such a tractor, so day are not scared and don’t fly away.

It was at the end of February, and 40,000 cranes filled the valley. It was amazing! what you can't see, is the loud noise the cranes make. its sounds like a loud mumble of screaming and shouting.

Every time I visit the lake it’s a unique experience. Each visit is different, depending on the lighting situation and weather of that day. Those were taken, on a fogy morning. The fog made everything look a little blurry and monochromatic, and resulted in wonderful pictures that look like they were painted on canvas. I totally loved it!

To keep the Cranes from harming the nearby fields, authorities of Hula

reservation use a tractor to spread grains to feed them. Here we can see the cranes, and other habitats of the area: wild pigs and Glossy Ibis - Plegadis falcinellus, the black-red birds.

This one is after the fog dissapeared so you can see the cranes more clearly. There is still snow on the top of Hermon mountain.

I really can't get enough of this place. There are so many beautiful scenes there, and every visit is different.

Think it was worth freezing in the cold of the early morning!

Do you think so too?

Take a look and enjoy more pictures here.

you can also enjoy Cranes at Sunrise-the film, by Amos Huller:


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