• Liat Huller Harari

Fabulous nature-Ibex at Ramon Crater

Ramon Crater is located at the south of Israel. Its a magical place with desert colors and epic landscapes. At June, beginning of the hot Israeli summer, I visited the little town "Mitzpe ramon" which outlooks the crater. I took some photos of the crater and its inhabitants-the Capra-Ibex.

The rising sun colored the mountains in purple light, and the fearless animals walked on the cliff.

At sunrise I found a family of Ibex : a mother and two little ones. aren't they lovely?

The little ones love to play, and touch each other

They constantly play with each other, Touching and cuddling

Taking a walk on the wild side...but they look so peacefull

look at those little Ibex, it seems like they have a little nest up in the sky...

A last glimpse at Ramon Crater, Which was shaped over Millions of years by the rivers carving the soft stone

This is literally Living on the edge...

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